Music Together Vivo Summer Photography Class and Nature Fun!

Hello Everybody! This summer, I'll be leading a special photography class to help you capture your AMAZING life with your smartphone camera (or any other camera you like).

We’ll also be doing some parent-child hands-on nature activities with the same spirit of learning through play that we enjoy in our Music Together classes. We’ll explore all the senses and have fun!

Learn how to:

take amazing photos with the camera you have 

capture emotion-filled moments with documentary photography 

compose photographs for the most impact

understand different lighting situations and adjust your approach

tell a story with your images

create beautiful documentary portraits of your children

use best practices for organizing, saving, embedding metadata, naming, and printing your images

create memories you and your family will cherish


nature activity materials

ebook with all the photography techniques and nature activities

online resource and community page to share photos

We’ll also help solve the biggest challenge for a busy parent—getting in the photo with our children and making lasting memories!

Want to get a head start on taking awesome phone camera photos? Sign up for my free smartphone camera ecourse.

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